EDFC - II - Tein Damping Force Controller Kit

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Tein EDFCII, Damping Force Controller

Motor kit NOT included but is required, please purchase separately.


EDFC II controls damping force electronically from inside the car, Using the control panel, the driver can very easily adjust suspension damping front and rear by a single touch, + or -, or via 3 customizable pre sets.


The EDFC II works by controlling 4 individual stepping motors(included) mounted on each shock absorber.


By using EDFC, most models also benefit from "finer" adjustment range, turning a 16 position shock absorber in to a 32 position.



      - 3 programmable pre sets eg: Soft, Medium, Hard

      - Resume Feature: The system remembers damping force settings even after ignition off.

      - Display dimmer

      - Volume control

      - Self diagnosis: Wire breakage, short circuit etc

      - Lock Function: settings can be locked



      - EDFCII Damping Force Controller



Please tell us which coilover kit you have when ordering.


- EDFC is compatible with most of Teins range of coilover kits, please check with us if you're unsure if the EDFC kit will work or not. - EDFC motor kit is not included but is required, please purchase separately. - Other parts are sometimes required eg: strut kit, motor extension kits, piston rod extension and wiring extensions. All available where needed. - This product does not control ride height.